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Turducken- For a Different Thanksgiving Bird

Turduken is a Louisiana invention made popular by local Cajun Chefs. Deboned stuffed poultry has been a specialty of southern butchers for years. I remember my brother serving a deboned stuffed turkey stuffed with a firey hot rice stuffing that … Continue reading

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Fish Tales

From Thailand to Newfoundland, Frying fresh fish has a worldwide appeal I think every coastal culture has a local version of fish with a golden, crunchy coating on the outside and tender, succulent fish under the protective blanket of crust. … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Meals to Freeze for Later

Even the most enthusiastic cook can get kitchen fatigue. Stocking your freezer with delicious ready to heat meals can save you when you have one of those “There’s no way I’m cooking tonight” days. I try to take a few … Continue reading

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Springtime in Louisiana Means Crawfish Season!- Recipe for Mama’s Crawfish Etouffe

In Louisiana, crawfish season is usually in full swing at Easter. I remember as a child going crawfishing with my daddy and brothers after dinner on Easter Sunday. I would always bring my Easter basket along in case I got … Continue reading

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Quick Jambalaya Perfect for a Holiday Potluck

Jambalaya is the state hotdish of Louisiana. It can be made with  just about any meat or seafood, it’s easy to prepare ahead and gets better the next day after all the flavors marry. Sometimes I make Jambalaya from scratch, … Continue reading

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More Easy Autumn Recipes- Chicken!

I am working on a whole new batch of recipes for the blog, so until I post, enjoy a few more of the greatest hits that are perfect for this time of the year. Martin’s Famous Roast Chicken– it the … Continue reading

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Brunch at the Iconic Palace Cafe in the French Quarter + Recipe for Crabmeat Cheesecake

No trip to the big easy would be complete without a visit to a Brennan Family Restaurant. When I lived there, it was the gold standard of service and authentic Louisiana food. Served in style with silver cups and lots … Continue reading

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Trip to Bountiful- New Orleans Part Deux- Sucre Chocolate and Sweets Shop!

I got a chance to visit a real hand made chocolate shop while I was recently in New Orleans. YUM!  Sucre is world famous and has been in business for years quietly making amazing chocolates and shipping all over the … Continue reading

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Culinary Adventure- Louisiana Trip to Bountiful Part One

First nite we had reservations at the famed Cochon restaurant. An establishment dedicated to all parts of a pig. Famous for the butcher shop too, we scored a table at the bar that overlooked the wood burning oven that stood … Continue reading

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Louisiana Bound on a Edible Adventure

Every wonder what professional chefs talk about when several hundred of them get together?  I am going to find out as I am leaving my family behind for the American Culinary Federation’s Annual Central Regional Conference. This year it is … Continue reading

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