Holiday Baking Marathon- Recipe for Cajun Cocoons

Florentine Cookies ready to eat…

It’s cookie baking season around the kitchen. Every year I embark on a cookie baking journey and sell them to local restaurants and caterers. I was taught by a local retired baker how to make these delicious spritz cookies.  I also throw in some Florentine lace wafers and cocoons AKA Mexican wedding cakes.  Down south my mama used to call them cocoons because they looked like a little cocoon. Here is the recipe, easy and delicious, it’s sure to please. They freeze great too..


Cajun Cocoons

A Louisiana favorite at Christmas. This recipe was from my mother’s cookie

Recipe collection.



 1 Cup unsalted butter- 2 sticks, softened


4  Tablespoons granulated sugar


3  Cups sifted flour All Purpose


2  Teaspoons of vanilla or almond extract


1.5 Cups pecans, chopped fine

Powdered sugar for rolling and dusting


1.  Cream butter and sugar together, blend in flour, extract and nuts slowly.

2.  Mix until a dough consistency.

3.  Roll into 2 inch cocoon like forms and bake at 325F for 15-20 minutes.

4.  Cool and roll in powdered sugar.





Ready for action!


Cajun Cocoons a must for the holidays

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