Culinary Adventure: Crawfish Time in the Deep South…

Yep, It’s that time of the year again, time for me to make the pilgrimage to the deep south to do culinary research… Tough duty I know, but this is the best time of the year to eat crawfish and the best place to find them is in Louisiana. The local restaurant menus are brimming with mudbugs dishes, all fresh and delectable. Crawfish pies, Crawfish enchiladas, crawfish curry and crawfish tacos just to name a few of the dishes that pop up this time of the year.. Here are a few pictures from my last trip..

Crawfish Boulettes are a local favorite, tastes like huspuppies with crawfishCrawfish Boulettes- a local favorite that tastes like hushpuppies with crawfish tailmeat


Plate of boiled crawfish


Boiled crawfish are always served with mushrooms, corn and potatoes


My brother’s private crawfish pond in Louisiana, where I go crawfishing…


Many crawfish ponds alternate rice crops in the off season


Loading the boats


One of my brother’s custom crawfish boats. Perfect for the job!


The catch tray automatically sorts the crawfish, so the little ones go back


Here is our catch after about an hour


Like many shellfish, they need to be purged of the mud…



This is where they will meet their demise…



We often sit on the long porch waiting for the water to boil..


It’s time to feast- add a box of saltines, butter, and cocktail sauce for a long, delectable repast


When you are planning amounts for a crawfish boil, plan on 10 lbs of live per person…

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