Top Ten Holiday Dishes for Easy Entertaining- Part Two

This is the second part of some of my favorite dishes to cook over the holidays. Easy or do ahead is the mantra.

 Breads and Spreads make you look like a star…

I always keep cream cheese on hand so I can make  a quick spread for guests on the fly. This spread is a hit and can be made with things from the pantry. Serve with Rice crackers or crusty bread.

 Sriracha sesame cream cheese spread  To see recipe, click on title


What can I bring?

Potlucks are a staple of home entertaining. Everyone pitching in makes a light load for the host. All they have to do is clean the house, provide dishes and a few beverages to get the party started and they can sit back and relax until it’s time to give everyone their dishes back. My favorite pot luck dish is Jambalaya. It’s like a Paella with tomatoes. It holds like a champ and reheats in the microwave. You can make it with just about anything except beef.

Jambalaya for a Mob

Salad that’s evergreen all year around…

My All Seasons Salad made a lot of money for me when I had my catering business. One of our signature salads, it does not disappoint. The greens, nuts and dressing stay the same but the cheese and fruit changes with the season.

All Seasons Salad


Vegan, Gluten Free and Delicious!

When I posted this recipe this past summer the day it came out I got over 1300 hits. I could not believe how popular it was.. It still continues to be the frontrunner in the stats.

With good reason, it’s a delectable, creamy, chocolaty mousse that will fool even the smartest foodie. You have to try it. It can be made a day ahead, just serve a little bit in a fancy glass and garnish with fresh berries.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse


Not your Grandmother’s Fruitcake

I first found this recipe because I needed a gluten free fruitcake for my Sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s chewy, nutty and loaded with coconut and dried fruits. It’s all held together with sweetened condensed milk. How can you go wrong with those ingredients?



Let them cool a bit and pull out by the paper


New Age Fruitcake


There you have it- a few of my favorites to make during this busy holiday season- Remember to plan your work and work your plan, it’s the key to stress free entertaining!

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