Chef’s Secrets- Cooking Tips All Cooks Can Use- Part One

I am always looking for ways to make life easier in the kitchen. Sometimes a tip can save you time or money, or It can just make you smile because it worked. Here are few of my favorites-


-While cooking cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables, avoid odors by adding a slice of bread. It will pour off with the water and absorb odors.

-For fullest flavors in salad dressings, mix seasoning with vinegar before adding the oil. Oil coats the herbs and traps the flavors.

-Season Cole Slaw, deviled eggs, salad dressing with left over pickled jalapeno juice for an extra zip.

-When a small amount of lemon juice is needed, no need to cut the lemon. Just microwave for a few seconds until soft, pierce with a skewer and squeeze. Refrigerate lemon after finished.

– Add maple syrup to pancake batter for extra flavor.

-Correct excess amount of salt in cooking with a pinch of sugar. For soups or stews try a raw peeled potato for 5 minutes and remove.

-To prevent scratching or damaging pans and skillets, put paper towels in-between them when storing.

-To crisp celery, radishes and other vegetable relishes, place in a pan of ice water, let stand 10 minutes before serving.

-To dispose easily of bacon grease, form a piece of aluminum foil around a cereal bowl and pour the grease in and let cool. Toss the foil when grease is solid.

-First in, first out. Write the date on everything you put in the freezer so older items can be used first.

-Add a slice of lemon or lime in a bottle of green olives in brine to add a fresh citrus flavor.


Next up…. Baking tips

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  1. Tim Barton says:

    Good tips, I have not tried the micro the lemon, if it really works that would be a great way to save on lemons.

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