Top Ten Reasons To Buy Local

It’s no secret that the food on your dinner plate comes from no less than 5 countries. As a local producer, I can tell you that buying local is catching on in a big way all over the country. Here are some of my favorite reasons but the main reason is local foods is an investment in the future that will pay off in the next generations…


10. When you buy from a local producer, you are not helping to buy a 3rd house for some CEO that lives in another state or possibly another country. You are helping someone who lives in your region put food on the table and you help them sustain their family.

Local Lettuce

9. People who farm or make things with their hands are doing it out of passion, not out of a need to be rich. Making money is sometimes a by-product of farming. Most farmers too also have to have another job, sometimes 2 to make ends meet.

8. You can look the person in the eye who grows or produces the food. You can look them up easily on google and ask a question about an allergen, recipe, etc.

7. Food that travels 1500 miles to get to us is different than foods that are grown locally. They are not developed to travel long distances, so they are more like the way foods used to be from your parents and grandparents garden.

6. Local foods are sustainable and mostly GMO Free.

5. Farmers are becoming the new rock stars of the food world. Get on board and be a groupie!

Morels in the spring

4. Local food is better for you. Food that is old loses nutrients. Some frozen foods have more nutrients that fresh food that is weeks old.

3. Local foods are produced at their peak of freshness. Locally roasted coffee is often roasted the day before the market and baked goods are baked fresh with pride from the baker.

2. Local food is safe. The farmer takes his business very serious and is held more accountable if there is an issue with the product because he knows you know where to find him every week.

1. It tastes better. Plain and simple, tomatoes, lettuce the basic things are just mo better. Carrots from a local farm or garden are a great example of what real food should taste like.They are sweeter and even smell like a carrot. Celery is another great example if you can get your hands on it. They are greener and leafier, but that celery taste is more pronounced.

Local Beauties

I find that produce I buy at the local farmer’s market lasts longer than the produce I buy at the grocery store. Since we are a small family, I hold on to veggies sometimes for at least a week and I find the local stuff holds up better.

I hope you get out soon and find a local market to visit- Me, I will be at the UMD Farmers Market on Wednesdays this summer from 1:30-4:30 so stop in and say hi and get a sample of  my baked goodies.

Goodies at the UMD Farmers Market


If you are not in the Duluth Superior area check here for a link of farmers markets in Minnesota..

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3 Responses to Top Ten Reasons To Buy Local

  1. Coral McDonnell says:

    Love those Prairie Kitchen scones!

  2. Tim Barton says:

    Buying local is not only a good idea for vegetables and fruit but you can also buy meat like chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Many farmers are more than happy to sell an animal whether a quarter or the whole thing. You can hire a meat cutter to do the work or in some cases go out to farm and do it yourself, many deer hunters have these skills.
    Like with the vegetables the local meat quality is so much better.

    • charlie elk says:

      10-4, there is nothing better than a properly aged steak from the local steer you butchered yourself–well it is a big animal so a helper or 2 is nice. :-)

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