Early Spring Bread Mania and the Twin Ports Bread Club

Lately, I have been working more on my breaducation. Since 2005 I have been baking bread consistently for my husband’s daily bread. That was also the year I had a wood burning oven built on the patio. I made olive bread in numerous forms, shapes and flavors which evolved into this formula for Olive Bread which works every time now for me. The oven makes such a difference, it can take mediocre dough and make it taste like something from France that you ate when you were there on vacation years ago.

Pizza was the star of the bread oven until recently, bread is taking it’s place as the guest of honor.

Now, my bread baking has taken a turn for the better. After a trip to San Francisco recently, I fell in love with Sourdough bread. I wanted to come home and replicate the tang and crumb that melted in my mouth as I ate it at the famous Tartine Bakery.


Well, I am not there yet, but I am getting better. I have no less than 4 starter cultures in my fridge, I have a bread log, and I am baking bread every chance I get. My formulas are improving, but I have a ways to go with my forming and shaping. The taste is pretty good though.

Along my journey I have found some terrific websites worth a look if you enjoy baking bread. Here are some of my favorites:





If you are interested in bread baking, join us for our quarterly meeting of the Twin Ports Bread Club to be held on Wednesday March 28 from 6-8 p.m. at the Amazing Grace Bakery in Canal Park (Dewitt Seitz Building) We will have a taste, smell and tell program. Bring a loaf or other treat you are currently working on or interested in to share. Admission to the group and program is free, but a beverage purchase from Amazing Grace is appreciated. It’s a great mix of professional and newbie bakers gathered together for one reason- to build community around bread. So join our group on facebook -Twin Ports Bread Club, it has posting of events, recipes and how to join the club.


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