Roundup of My favorite posts of 2011

Here are some of the one hit wonders from last year that is worth repeating. Enjoy and happy cooking! I am off to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco so stay tuned for some delicious photos and recipes upon my return.

Martin’s Roast Chicken This was hands down the favorite post of the year. Great for getting your bang for your buck, it’s also delicious!

Martin's Roast Chicken, Photo by Dave Ballard

Potluck Jambalaya for a Mob


Eggrolls with True Thai Peanut Sauce


Thai Eggrolls from my trip to Thailand


The real Roots of the Roast Beef Po Boy

Skinny Vegetable Soup


Love in a bowl-Butternut squash soup

Blackened Tilapia- Winter Outdoor Cooking

Just be fearless when it comes to flipping them over..

Scotch Eggs from the Duluth Grill

Chocolate Truffle Pate


Chocolate Truffle Pate Photo by Peggy Day


Good Advice!- A sign from the famous sweet shop in New Orleans called Sucre

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  1. mary anna kragness says:

    I always eat desserts first and am a slim size P10. hAPPY nEW YEAR

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