Culinary Adventure- Delta Diner

Delta Diner in Delta, Wisconsin, worth the trip!


Recently we were on our way to the cabin and decided it would be a great time to visit the Delta Diner in Delta, Wisconsin. I had seen it featured on TV as a famous landmark and heard about from my local foodie friends, but never got around to going until recently. After turning off Hwy 2 and meandering through the north woods we came up on the pristine diner sitting like a crown jewel in the lush woods, sparkling and inviting. I was giddy with culinary excitement! I jumped out of the car snapping pics as I was walking in.

We went on a Friday, which I suggest if you don’t want to wait too long. As we sat down the manager came over and asked if we had been there before- she explained the menu concept and pointed out some of the most popular dishes. What impressed me about the menu was even though they were deep in the woods, they still tried to source local breads, meats and other goodies from the area. They sent over a sample of the famous thin Norwegian pancakes with jalapenos. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a slice of lemon, we were instructed to squirt the lemon on the pancake and eat it. It was sort of a sweet, sour, hot flavor calmed by the pancake flavor. It’s hard to explain, you just gotta go and see for yourself!

Taste budz ll is a coffee house on the grounds open every day in the summer from 7-2 that you can buy coffee while you wait for your table and also there is a “Feel Good” public market on Sundays 10-1 in the summer with artisans selling their wares.

Also don’t forget to pick up some Mango Pickapeppa sauces on your way out from the retail shelf behind the cashier. It’s one of the only places in the US you can get this stuff and it wakes up your taste buds!

Todd and Nina the owners are dedicated to a delicious dining experience, and the staff shows their passion through the blissful food and friendly and professional service.







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  1. Jim says:

    I too saw the Delta Diner featured on television. I drove a hotrod pickup truck over 500 miles, at 3 mpg to get a picture of my hotrod parked in front of this cool diner. It was worth every gallon of Mother Earths fossil fuel to get that picture. The food was as good as any place I’ve eaten, the owners were very personable and the setting was absolutely perfect. To find a fine place to dine in the middle of the woods added to the ambiance. Who’d think you could find a diner 12 miles off the nearest main road, in a forest? It was great fun……….thanks for your time, COOTER

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