Powerboat Cuisine- Grilled Maple Chicken

Lake Superior has some of the best sailing and power boating in the world. The Sailing season starts on a chilly May 1st, but the weather a little later is prime boating. Here are some tips for your next trip on making the best of the menus you plan.

  • -Bake potatoes ¾ of the way though and wrap in foil. Cool down and store, when you heat up the grill, throw the potatoes on and they will be done when the steak is done.
  • Freeze meats in a square plastic container. Stuff as much as you can get in while fresh for maximum storage.
  • Pack short shelf life entrees such as chicken and fish for the first few days.
  • -Keep lunch simple with tasty grazing foods like good quality meats and cheeses, nuts and items that can be stored and eaten easily out of hand.
  • -Diced cooked meats like ham in baggies are great for lunch and do not take up much space in a tight cooler.
  • Root vegetables such as onions and potatoes store well under the sink in a bucket.
  • -Consume the larger cuts of meats on the first days to free up space.
  • -Small jars of olives, marinated artichoke hearts pack high flavor and do not need refrigeration.
  • Bring a small scrubby brush to make clean up easier.
  • Bars and pans of brownies make good powerboat desserts.
  • -For an elegant boat dessert, prepare crème brulee cover with plastic wrap, and store the individual ramekins in a plastic container in the fridge. It is a real treat.
  • -When grilling, cook extras so you can make potatoes and leftover steak with your morning eggs.


Maple Chicken

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Serves 2-4

1 large  Boneless Skinless Free Range Chicken Breast (8-12 ounces total for a double lobe)

1/3 cup of Durkee sauce  (a mild mustard spread found in the condiment isle of your grocery store)

½ cup of maple syrup (the real thing)

1 small jar or artichoke hearts, drained (5 ounce)

Pre heat grill to medium heat. Grill Chicken breast 30 to 45 minutes until firm. (you can cut a slice in the breast to check if you are not sure if it is done.

While chicken is cooking mix ingredients together and brush on while cooking.

Save some to spread on after the chicken is cooked.

Slice Chicken breast and Serve with steamed new potatoes and fresh asparagus.

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  1. Mary Grover says:

    This sounds delicious. I will try it as soon as the NE Lake Superior wind dies so the grill will fire up!

  2. Hey Arlene,

    We would love to feature your recipe on our site: http://www.maplesyrupworld.com/, give us a shout! :)


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