Louisiana Bound on a Edible Adventure

Every wonder what professional chefs talk about when several hundred of them get together?  I am going to find out as I am leaving my family behind for the American Culinary Federation’s Annual Central Regional Conference. This year it is in New Orleans so I had to go to just to see what’s new. It’s a week of eating, talking about cooking techniques, new trends, more eating, and soaking up the sun. Two chefs from the Twin Ports area will represent our local chapter and bring back ideas and future materials for our monthly educational programs. We have a very active chef’s association here so someone always goes to the regional and national conferences to keep us up on what’s happening in the rest of the world. Some of the sessions I will go to will be:

A chocolate hands on workshop Presented by: Richard Cusick, CEPC, Technical Advisor, Chocolate Academy Chicago, Barry Callebaut USA

A session on composing flavors for cooking by McCormick Spices

A lecture on Louisiana Heritage Cuisine by Chef Paul Prudhomme

A cheese and beer tasting: flights of small plates

The world flavors of Greece and Japan- tasting and film

I will get to participate in a Paella competition by eating the entries for lunch :)

Louisiana’s Swamp Floor Pantry- A program on Louisiana’s favorite ingredients and customs

Gulf Seafood update- is it safe?

And many, many more programs, meals and old friends.

So I will be back soon with more stories, so check back I will be busy writing..

Photo credit Travelmuse

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  1. colleen betts says:

    Nice pic! Did you take that? Getting ready to try some of the Boudin you gave me…yum!

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