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Honolulu Food Tour & Manchu Spiced Garlic Chicken “Pizzettas”

A while back, I got an opportunity to go to Hawaii. I was thrilled at the thought of seeing in person all those scenes I have been watching on tv all these years. The vistas and food did not disappoint. … Continue reading

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Apres Ski Lunch at the Cabin- Italian Beef, Chicago Style

We do a lot of entertaining at our cabin in Michigan. Yes,  you probably guessed from the picture below we are in the snow belt. We lure folks to visit the beautiful organic pristine shore of Lake Superior all year … Continue reading

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Trip to Bountiful- A foodie’s eating tour of the deep south

Home for me was 13 miles southeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where my parents raised squabs, chickens and tomato plants over six feet tall every summer. The fridge was stocked with fresh produce from harvesting a garden three seasons a … Continue reading

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Hotdish of the Month

It’s that time of the year to hunker down and cook… It’s what I do for entertainment in the winter here in the north woods.  I seem to have more time to make stocks and sauces for the freezer and … Continue reading

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January is National Soup Month

In honor of national Soup Month I am featuring a Guest Post from Ginnie Bivona, one of the best cooks in Texas. Author’s note: Ginnie has been my friend so long, the Dead Sea was only sick when we became … Continue reading

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Review Of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant

On a past trip to Oz I had heard through the foodie pipeline that superstar chef Jamie Oliver had opened a Down-Under outpost of his wildly successful Fifteen restaurant in London. The London location has graduated more than 60 chefs … Continue reading

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Beyond Vegemite, Modern Australian Cuisine On The Rise

An increased interest in Australian ingredients by American chefs sets the stage for modern Australian cuisine to become the next international gastronomic trend. In Australia, the fabulous fusion of Asian, Mediterranean and local foods has as emerged as Modern Australian … Continue reading

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Edible Treasure: Australian Meat Pie Worth the Trip

When the weather turns frigid in the Midwest, It’s my favorite time to think about Australia and the dishes I always eat on my travels there. So the next few posts will be sprinkled with food adventures from down under … Continue reading

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Chef’s Secrets For a New Year’s Worth of Dishes

How many recipes do we really need to know? When I am creating recipes for classes or television, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. When I cook at home for friends, however, I find that I like to … Continue reading

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Quick Breads make baking at the Cabin Stress Free

I love having the time to bake at my cabin during the winter. My only complaint is that I never have what I need or the right sized pan to bake it in. Over the years I have found the … Continue reading

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