A Holiday Visit to Cookie Temptations with WDIO

Last week, I visited my friend Jennifer Young at Cookie Temptations. I was there for the shooting of the food segment for WDIO. She gave us tips on cookie decorating, so I thought I would bring my camera along to capture some of the memorable moments. Cookie Temptations is in the Woodland neighborhood and this is the busy season for Jennifer and her staff. Her cookies are a real treat. When you walk in, you immediately smell vanilla and butter and see the cookies cooling in racks in the small, but efficient kitchen where she bakes a multitude of cookies daily.

The store has cookies for sale as well as pre-orders and mail order.

She can bake 60 cookies in 6 minutes in one oven!

All of her cookies are hand made and dipped in either white or dark chocolate. She uses local butter from Dahl’s creamery for premium quality taste.

You can see here why she is so busy this time of the year. And they taste as good as they look too.

It was morning meteorologist Ben Dery’s first food segment filming, he was game for anything! Here, we were filming him just about to eat the cookie he had decorated on camera.

To watch the full video of this clip, go to wdio.com, click on Good Morning Northland and scroll down to the recipe column.

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3 Responses to A Holiday Visit to Cookie Temptations with WDIO

  1. Paula Tsufis says:


    Very nice!! Love the photo of your outdoor oven. I’m putting Cookie Temptations on my must checkout list business this week. I’m thinking about a nice decorated cookie for each person at my Christmas table.

  2. Steve Long says:

    Arlene…I have always enjoyed your cooking segments…it is fun to see someone make a career out of something they love–your enthusiasm for making delicious food is contagious! Keep up the good work.

  3. Alex says:

    Great cookies!

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